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Brabant flamand
Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)
Head of Project
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Chinois traditionnel


My name is Yuklan Wong, grew up in Hong Kong and educated in the United Kingdom with a degree in journalism, I have been working in Brussels in the last 13 years in the field of journalism, communications, EU affairs related to media and journalism and project management. In recent years, my focus has been focusing on developing and managing projects in the field of journalism. This has enabled me to put the concerns of the journalism profession into projects that can bring people and ideas together to address the rising challenges facing journalists and journalists' organisations. The projects I have been implemented including a wide range of issues - media freedom, journalism ethics, diversity, safety of journalists, collective bargaining for journalists, training activities for journalists, etc. Through my current position, I gained extensive experience and knowledge in managing and applying for EU projects. I was also trainer and expert on project management in educational courses developed by European Trade Union Institute.

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